The world feels like a crazy place right now. And there's no doubt crazy things are going on.

But what's at the root?

We can spot at least one - fear of the 'other side.'

Whether its politics, nationality, culture, or religion, we have a knack for drawing lines between people.

But this habit of drawing lines highlights our differences and leaves out many more perspectives worthy of our attention.

We can all agree this pup is cute as s***

We all want our families to be safe. A planet that is alive and healthy. Food when we are hungry. Water to keep us going. Friends to explore with.

When we connect with new people, our perspective expands - this city, country, or world begins to feel like one big neighborhood. 🏡

Our neighbors are here to stay - so let's care for and learn with them. Find what connects us and shine a light on it.

In this crazy world, we all have the chance to play a role in making peace... and make friends in the process.

Look for what unites us.

It's there.