MODL utility water bottle with Pure and Flow MODs

Over the past year and a half, we’ve gone through more renditions of MODL than we can even count. As with any development process, there’s a common theme of X works on this prototype, but Y doesn’t work. Y works on the next prototype but Z doesn’t.

But this time around, it was different. Last weekend, we were able to take a complete production-quality MODL on a backpacking trip - a true test for the product we’ve been working so hard on. Our takeaway in a nutshell… MODL is ready for the world.

The scene was set in Panthertown, North Carolina. We had a clear weekend ahead of us though it would get pretty cold at night - down to 20°F/-6°C (turns out this would bring out an awesome feature of MODL… more on that later).

The journey began on the drive up. Naturally, we had the Go MOD on for easy grab-n-sip action.

MODL water bottle with Go MOD

Once we arrived at the trailhead, we got geared up and strapped MODL with the Flow MOD to my pack. To save weight, we began the journey with only 2 liters of water - 1 full MODL and 1 normal wide-mouth bottle. We decided that the Pure MOD would be our only source of drinking water for the 3-day trip.

MODL utility bottle with Flow MOD

Halfway into the hike to the campground, we stopped at a waterfall to refill our bottles and spare 1 gallon jug - we would not have access to freshwater until the next day. We whipped out the Pure MOD and quickly set up gravity filtration.

MODL utility bottle set up as gravity filtration with Pure MOD

After arriving at camp, setting up, and making dinner, we went into the tent for the evening. Here, we found some interesting features of MODL. First, to get some better lighting, we took our headlamps and strapped them to MODL. With the Vapor MODL, the light was diffused through the tent-making for much more comfortable lighting.  

MODL utility bottle set up as lantern

Finally, as it got later, the temperature dropped from chilly to freezing. In an attempt to stay warm, I jetboiled some water, filled up MODL, and tossed it in my sleeping bag. This made all the difference. I’ve slept with hot water in my bottles before, but because MODL is flexible, it was actually comfortable to sleep with. Behind the neck, under the arm, down by my feet… All stayed toasty through the night :)

We heated up water again hanging around camp in the morning. Except this time, we left the bottle on the ground for a while and all the sudden we turn around, and our buddy Frankie found the spot of the century 😂  


Over the next two days, we continued to use MODL in even more ways than these. What really stood out was how seamlessly MODL morphed from one form to another and the sheer number of ways that MODL provided functionality and comfort on our adventure.

This trip was a culmination of years’ worth of work and we are so excited for you all to experience MODL yourselves… it’s a brand new concept and we're stoked to hear your thoughts.

'Til next time

The MODL Outdoors Team

November 16, 2019 — Justin Guld


Lauren said:

I’m obsessed with this ever since I saw it on a youtube video. I can’t wait to buy it AHHHH I wish I bought it first before all the other UL gear I bought. Because I have to save up now. I’m going on my first thru hike soon :)))

Hugh said:

Love the light idea. Just ordered one in black but seeing that might have to get a second in the clear and gift the black!

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