Our Story


often brings you to a crossroads, where comfort pulls you towards the clear road ahead and curiosity towards the unexplored and unknown. We are three friends, Barak, Justin and Zack, who were approaching the end of college - about to part ways and continue down the paths we had laid for ourselves - until we caught a whiff of curiosity and knew we couldn’t turn back.

It was bitter cold in the Appalachian mountains the weekend we chose to go camping in Panthertown, North Carolina. With only a headlamp and a destination as guides, we followed our instinct and embraced the unknown.

At one point over the weekend, Barak shared an idea for a product that stemmed from a pain point we’d all experienced that weekend – one that illuminated an entirely different life path to explore.

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

- Albert Einstein

“A f*****g water bottle?!” Justin said after hearing Barak’s idea. Barak is not one to accept something because ‘that’s just the way it is.’ He found himself increasingly frustrated by minor features of the status quo bottle – its rigid body, the back-and-forth swing when clipped to his backpack, and particularly its singular functionality. His frustration sparked a curiosity, which we let run free to explore uncharted territories in design.

By reimagining the bottle from the ground up, it graduated from a water bottle to an entirely new category in the hydration market. An everyday essential became a tool that can be specifically assembled to make any adventure, urban or remote, jungle or beach, gym or dog park, that much sweeter. And with that, the utility bottle was born – a bottle that can do more so we can do more.

“If you will it, it is no dream.”

- Theodor Herzl

Since that trip, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing this idea to life through our company, MODL Outdoors. Our aspirations for MODL’s impact on the world goes beyond the utility bottle as well - we see our role as helping people lead their best lives by fostering connections with nature while also working to preserve it. Now that we personally are no longer students of academia, we have become students of the world – creating something from nothing, exposing and filling our blind spots, and making connections with amazing people every day.

MODL Outdoors is an experiment of a brand, which is where YOU come in. We seek inspiration from your ideas and experiences as we navigate this journey of reimagination. When you are living your day-to-day adventures with MODL by your side, allow your imagination to run free with how you use MODL. We want to build a bottle that knows no limitations, and with your help, we will discover what our products are capable of and continually improve them to help make your adventures the best they can be.

We hope that we can be a part of your journey and that you will be a part of ours. You’re invited to keep up with the latest from MODL Outdoors through our newsletter where we share updates on our progress, lessons learned along the way, and ‘Uplifting Vibes.’ You’ll also be first in line for early-bird pricing on KickstarterIf you want to connect with us further, we’re always seeking to meet people like you on Facebook and Instagram and you’re always welcome to reach out to us personally. This is just the beginning and we would love to have you on board!


All the best,

The MODL Outdoors Team