Go MOD Upgrade Pack
Go MOD Upgrade PackGo MOD Upgrade PackGo MOD Upgrade Pack

BAA-BAM! And just like that, a sipping revolution in the making. 

Arriving hot off the press are the new Go MOD and SuperLoops. No big deal you say? Think again.


With a new bite valve, you can rest assured MODL is sealed tight until you take a sip and with its silicone cover, the drinking surface stays clean. Finally, the straw means MODL sipping is easier than ever.


Longer and adjustable, SuperLoops make MODL more comfortable to carry and more versatile when strapping to a bag, branch, or bike. If you can go, so can your MODL.

No lie... this is how the MODL experience was meant to be.

Includes: 1 Go MOD Upgrade, 2 SuperLoops