3D Printed Gold StudLink


Limited Edition 18k Gold-plated 3D Printed Brass.

Every Gold StudLink is one of a kind and comes with its identifier number: x/x.

*Includes 1 Gold StudLink, 1 Black 8" SuperLoop

Note from the founders:

"Hey there, MODL inner circle!

It's Barak, CEO and Head of Design at MODL. First off, I want to extend a huge thank you for supporting our journey. Launching a business isn't always a straightforward journey, and it's only possible with people like you who see value and potential in our creations. So, THANK YOU for joining us on this ride!

Now, for a little insider info: The Infinity Tool has been out for about six months, and while it's been amazing to see all the unique ways people are using it, there is still so much to come. I won’t reveal too much but be on the lookout in the next few weeks for some upgrades to the Infinity Tool ecosystem.

Lastly, we want to offer something special to our biggest fans. We've been using 3D printing for product development and want you to be a part of it. Through the end of the week (Friday 11:59pm MST) we will be accepting orders for a Limited Edition 3D Printed Gold StudLink. Each of these 3D-printed brass StudLinks is plated in 18k gold and features a unique # identifier to verify its authenticity. While 3D prints can be pricey, we're offering these to you at cost (no profit for us).

This is an opportunity to connect with the cutting-edge of manufacturing while owning an exceptionally cool, rare piece of MODL history that symbolizes the end of the first phase of the Infinity Tool.

Stay tuned,

Barak & The MODL Team"