MOD Lite
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The MOD Lite unlocks the powers of the MODL Bottle. It includes our two most popular MODs - the Go and Flow - as well as two SuperLoops and a MagClip.

The flexibility to swap between a sports bottle (Go MOD) and hydration pack (Flow MOD) in seconds makes the MODL Bottle + MOD Lite the ultimate hydration system.

SuperLoops attach your MODL anywhere (think backpack, bike, car) while the MagClip ensures your Flow MOD is always within reach.

Includes: (1) Go MOD, (1) Flow MOD, (1) MagClip, (2) SuperLoops

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All you need for any adventure

Hiking, camping, biking, climbing - you name it. The MOD Lite fits any adventure. Let's take a look at what's included:

Say hello to hands-freedom

All the functionality of a hydration pack, now in your bottle and simpler than ever.

For when you're on the move

The Go MOD is a sports cap for on-the-go adventures that keep on moving.

Wander in comfort with SuperLoops

Loop MODL onto whatever works - backpacks, bikes, or hands. With super-strong detachable silicone SuperLoops, your bottle is out of your way - no carabiner needed.

Perfect for...

And this is just the beginning...

Join our community of explorers unleashing the capabilities of the world's first utility bottle. With your help, we'll keep on innovating and releasing new MODs to get even more out of your bottle.