MODL Complete
MODL CompleteMODL CompleteMODL CompleteMODL CompleteMODL CompleteMODL CompleteMODL Complete
  • Packable, versatile, & open-ended

  • MODL Bottle + 4 MODs

  • Ships November 2019

  • Carbon-neutral supply chain


An all-in-one, packable bottle

Hiking, camping, biking, climbing - you name it. MODL fits any adventure.


Get more out of your bottle with MODs

Take versatility up a notch. MODs are swappable caps that bring new functions to the bottle you bring with you every day. 

It gets messy out there.

Whether its you, your gear, or your four-legged friend, the Rinse MOD has you covered. Just squeeze to release the right amount - no water goes to waste.

Say hello to hands-freedom

All the functionality of a hydration pack, now in your bottle and simpler than ever.

3,000L of water in your MODL

Fill up from any freshwater source

  • Flow & Go MOD compatible
  • Personal & bulk filtration
  • Filter life - 3,000 L (790 gallons)
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa

For when you're on the move

The Go MOD is a sports cap for those adventures when stopping to unscrew the cap just isn't an option. 

Perfect for...

And this is just the beginning...

Join our community of explorers unleashing the capabilities of the world's first utility bottle. With your help, we'll keep on innovating and releasing new MODs to get even more out of your bottle.



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