Meet Joseph 👋

Joseph loves getting out there. And he loves water. But sometimes, those two don’t go great together...

Hydration packs often restricted his movement and even popped. He prefers gear to be carried by his bike, but bottles were hard to hook on. So he tinkered around and created his own fix 🤔

But that still wasn’t doing the trick. Until he stumbled upon MODL on Kickstarter.
Now with the utility bottle in hand, he’s simplified how he hydrates 💧

He hooks MODL wherever he wants with LifeLoops. 

And uses the Flow MOD to sip while he rides. 

He even found a way to attach two MODLs together for his longer adventures!

We’re constantly discovering new ways to adapt and solve problems with MODL, and creative people like Joseph are leading the charge.
Now that’s one happy Wavemaker…

That’s how he MODLs. How will you?

February 19, 2020 — Justin Guld


Sharon Morrow said:

I love this bottle. I just throw it in my pack in a way that I can reach the tube and I go off for the day. I don’t need to put a water bottle in any pocket or tie it anywhere. the MODLs long sippy hose does the trick. I intend to try it on my bike like Joseph also, next I ride. Thanks Joseph for the great tip!!

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