What’s uppppp everyone,

2021 is a new year for all of us. And here at MODL Outdoors, this is the year where s*** gets real. Seriously, we can feel the momentum from the past three years culminating at this moment. This is when this small, scrappy movement turns into a legit, community-driven player in the outdoor space 🙃

So what’s in store for this year?

Glad you asked! We’ll take this item by item:

The brand comes to life. Ohhh yeah. The soul is really coming to life this year. We’re going to be building out the brand and sharing ideas for getting more out of life. We will also work with Climate Neutral to become carbon neutral certified :)

New colors.  Ohhhhh yeah, we have some dope new colors rolling out this year. Some will be groovy, some will be icey, and some just might help you find your new best friend (#conversationstarter). The party begins just in a couple months when we release our favorite color yet… 

New updates. We spend hours every week talking with our customers and it’s clear we’re onto something here, but MODL could be even more frictionless. We have a new Go MOD coming out this month that will use a bite-valve and cover to make it extra leak-proof and sanitary. We’re also working on a more reliable seal for the caps that we plan to release later this year.

New accessories. We’re cookin’ up some new ways to fit MODL into your life even better. These will be simple additions to the MODL ecosystem that make hydrating on any adventure even easier. We’ll give a hint on one of the pieces we’re working on… what rhymes with sting and can be used for a broken arm?

Entering retail. Be on the lookout for MODL landing on shelves near you! We have some retail seeds planted and are hoping to make it into stores this year.

The team expands. We are in the final stages of bringing on a new team member. This person has changed the game in hydration once before and he’s looking to do it again with MODL. We’ll announce it as soon as everything becomes official!

We could keep going butttt gotta keep some things a surprise for you guys :) And, this whole adventure is open-ended and driven by you all anyway! So feel free to schedule a call with us here - we’d love to hear any and all ideas for where you think we should go from here, and we’d love to connect :) 

That’s all for now folks - cheers to all the adventures to come in 2021!

- Barak, Zack & Justin

January 14, 2021 — Barak Zitron


Rod Page said:

I’m excited to try out my new Modl. I just returned from Nigeria where my whole team got sick. We think from bad water used to wash good vegetables plus I got left behind when I got Covid. My Nigerian brothers literally burned it out in two weeks with a bunch of local remedies and two weeks later I got a negative test and came home. My plan is to test out Modl next year on a return trip that will also include Congo and Moz. Let me know if anyone has uses your Modl there. Peace!

Jodi said:

Super excited to receive my Modl

Rhett said:

Hey y’all my name is Rhett and I’m a kayak guide on the Texas coast in Rockport. Our bay systems are some of the cleanest around thanks in part to our plentiful oyster beds. However especially in the warm summer months there is a nasty bacteria around called Vibrio. Razor like cuts from oysters can cause open wounds which can allow Vibrio to enter in. Besides a kick ass water bottle I chose Modl due to the strong stream of water that can be used to do a quick flush of a wound for first aid from any oysters or other cuts to avoid Vibrio or other nasty infections. Hey who knows may save a life. Keep up the good work. Excited about future products!

Rhett said:

I’m a kayak guide on the Texas coast and especially in the warm summer months we have a bug in our waters called Vibrio. Lots of oyster beds around our area which keeps our bays clean but oysters can cause the worst razor like cuts which can lead to exposure to Vibrio. I chose Modl for several reasons but one big one was the ability to use this to stream water to clean out a wound for myself or clients. Keep up the good work! Excited about what’s next!

Nathan Gillman said:

Loving the updates. You’re really going to blow them out of the water with the connector MOD.

Randy Armstrong said:

Please come out with a 46-64oz… also, look at tapping into Beach Volleyball (AVP), as the shower washing adapter works great for clearing sand out of my eyes. Love your product

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