What's uppp everyone,
Is it just us or did time make no sense this year? We're curious what Einstein would have to say about this phenomena... 
In just under 2 weeks, this chapter of 2020 comes to an end and the next chapter begins. We're gonna share a few takeaways from this side of the adventure. But first, check out when we did this two years ago before MODL was even ready for the world! 
Here are a few takeaways from this wild year:
Appreciate the small things
Who knew that the ability to hug your family, go to that concert, or travel to that country could just... disappear? With these big sources of joy out of the picture, little bits of magic in everyday life came into focus. Whenever the world begins to feel normal again, let's keep with us how the small things can often be enough. 
The energy you put out amplifies and returns in unexpected ways
It's been three years since we woke up from our camping trip and decided we weren't 'that' crazy to start this company and build this dream. Since then, we've been pumping in energy into this gear and this community, unsure if it would really resonate. After getting to know so many of you, it's clear we are no longer alone in this movement. Let's make waves in 2021 🌊
Go with the flow
If you're like us, most of your plans for this year were wiped out. Maybe that's a sign? Let loose, improvise, and work with reality as it comes. The more in tune we are with the present, the more life will flow without friction.
Soon, we'll turn our sights towards 2021 when the next chapter begins. We've got some exciting stuff in the works and we're stoked to share what we're cooking! 
Peace, love & water,
Barak, Zack & Justin
MODL Outdoors
December 16, 2020 — Barak Zitron

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