There’s someone in this community we’d love to highlight. Meet Casson Trenor - who snagged his MODL during our Kickstarter campaign. Talk about energy… this guy pumps nothing but good energy to this world. 

He shows up every day as an active citizen, supporting projects that build a brighter future. He’s part-ocean conservationist, part-philosopher, part-pioneer in sustainable sushi, and full-adventurer. Check out his TEDx Talk here!

As someone who works closely with the ocean, Casson is keenly aware of how much plastic has seeped into our marine environment. He is actively working on this problem with projects like Umijoo (his new children’s book) & The Ocean Plastics Leadership Network. 

From his perspective, there are three main baskets of work necessary to tackling the ocean plastics issue:

  1. Eliminate the production of -- and our reliance on -- unnecessary single-use plastic,
  2. Rebuild our leaking infrastructure to more effectively capture plastic in our waste stream, and 
  3. Remove the plastic that has already entered our oceans.

Casson views MODL as an important example of the changes we need to make in our relationship to plastics. 

“We are far too reliant on the disposable relationships that have been provided to us by single-use plastics,” Casson says. 

“MODL is an excellent example of the kind of changes we need to make. The modular applications of the bottle replaces not only the single-use plastic of a disposable water bottle, but all of the packaging that would be used to house any of the other independent products that MODL replaces. If we are going to solve the problem of ocean plastic, we need many more solutions with the upstream impact and elegance of MODL.”

“At the end of the day, we shape the world around us with our actions. No matter what we do, we are going to end up living on a planet that is an echo of our values -- so if we want to live on a planet with beautiful, bountiful oceans, we need to embrace a value system that protects it from the impacts of thoughtless consumer relationships."

We are beyond stoked to have Casson in our circle - we have a lot to learn about this issue and some future collaborations in the works 🤩 This is just the beginning of our work together and there’s much more to be done. Let’s keep it rolling!

October 19, 2020 — Justin Guld

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