the Gold Drop 💧

Loop Color

Dripping in gold, the Infinity Tool is on another level.

Includes: Gold Studs of your choice, 8" SuperLoop of your color choice x1

Uses (the long list)

By no means have we discovered all the uses of the Infinity Tool. But here are some uses that have surfaced:

  • Strapping things to a bike
  • Attaching oddly shaped things to backpacks
  • Mount your bluetooth speaker anywhere
  • Grocery Bag handle tie
  • Quickly tie up dog leash
  • Hold bandage in place
  • Firewood collector
  • "Reusable Zip-tie"
  • "Reusable Duct tape"
  • Carabiner replacement (not for climbing*)
  • Belt in-a-pinch
  • Sun/glasses retainers in-a-pinch
  • Integrates well with MOLLE system
  • Dry your towel on the outside of a bag
  • Go Pro mount / leash
  • Emergency snowboard binding repair
  • Fidget toy (it's really good at this)
  • Carpentry glue clamp
  • Keeping kids sippy cups together
  • Child-proofing cabinets
  • Scuba save-a-dive kit
  • Scuba streamlining equipment
  • Chord organizer
  • Plant support
  • Mounting equipment inside an aerobatic airplane
  • Attach jacket to outside of bag in airport
  • Attach helmet to outside of bag
  • Clothes organization during travel/backpacking
  • DIY projects
  • Rope storage

You get the idea... we'll never stop finding uses for this thing.

Tech Specs


  • 8 inches (great bracelet, good for the smaller tasks)
  • 16 Inches (more utility, great for larger items, double-wrap for bracelet)


  • SuperLoop: Platinum Silicone (Food-Grade)
  • StudLink: Stainless Steel (304, Food-Grade)
  • Basically... We went all out on quality and they feel amazing!


  • Standard Infinity Tools: 70lbs pull-strength
  • Glow Infinity Tools: 40lbs pull-strength
  • Every time you wrap the Infinity Tool, you multiply the strength: 2 wraps = 140lbs strength, 3 wraps = 210lbs strength


  • 8 inch = 18 grams
  • 16 inch = 29 grams


  • Holding human weight (i.e. climbing)
  • Or children under the age of 6

Read deeper

The Infinity Tool is a new type of multi-tool. Simple but powerful, you’ll be surprised by what this flexible gear tie can do!

Is it a carabiner? Reusable zip tie? Fidget toy? Super-useful bracelet? It’s up to you.

What’s more, the Infinity Tool is modular. Link two, three, four, or more together and discover what you can create - the configurations are literally endless.

The Infinity Tool is the type of device where you may not quite know how you’ll use them, but’ll be thankful you have them when you do. Luckily, they're small enough to fit on your wrist.

*NOT for climbing.

one strap.
endless possibilities.

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